I covered the patch area with a thin layer of UV curing Bondo to smooth out the rough areas.  After using the UV curing Bondo, I have to say its great stuff compared to the two part Bondo I have used before.  It is ready to spread right out of the can and it hardens by sunlight.  It was cloudy the day I applied it and it still hardened in less than 20 minutes.

I sanded down all the rough spots then cleaned everything with xylene as Durabak recommends.  Once everything was clean, I started painting the sides with a brush.  I am very glad I bought a pair of elbow high rubber stripping gloves just for this project.  Once Durabak gets on something, it is very hard to remove.  I got some on my elbow and once the brick red Durabak dried, it looked exactly like blood and I had to tell everyone that I did not get into a fight.

This is what the right side looked like after the first coat.  Already, the patch area is covered up and almost unnoticeable.  I later applied a second coat to both sides then went on and applied two coats to the middle and the tailgate.

The weekend I did the project was colder than usual (around 45-50 degrees) and as a result, the Durabak took a long time to dry.  The next time I use Durabak in cold weather, I will use their accelerator to reduce the drying time.  This is a view of the finished rear.  Notice how glossy it is- that's one of the reasons why I went with Durabak over other brands.

This is a close up view of the patch area after everything is done.  I am pretty happy with the job I did because you can't even tell its there unless I point it out and also because it is stronger than stock.

I went a little further with the tailgate by painting the underside of the access panel just to be safe from rust.  I want to thank Andy Bridgeman, a fellow BigBroncos list member, for selling me his old access panel to replace my old, rusted one.

Overall, I would have to say I am very happy with the Durabak.  Although it is not as thick as the professionally applied bedliners, it is still more than durable enough for me.  The brick red matches the burgundy interior in the front of my cab pretty closely and is much better than the generic black colored bedliners.  I have received many comments on how good it looks and it was worth the money and time it took to do it.

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